Episode 4 – The Action Hospital!

Episode 4 of the Nerd Lys…

Joining us today are Dave Baker and Robert Negrete. We discuss Sentai shows, the R-Rated Power Rangers fan film, their web comic Action Hospital and what they love about Comic Books creation/consumption in general.

If you have not seen the R-Rated Power Rangers produced by Adi Shankar, you can find it here

We mention a Walter Jones (original Black Ranger) dance video which can be found here if you want to watch along.

You can find the web comic at www.theactionhospital.com and keep updated at www.facebook.com/actionhospital.

Dave Baker can be found at xdavebakerx on Instagram/Twitter and facebook.com/dave.baker.3114

Robert Negrete can be found at RobtheSentinel on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and facebook.com/robertnegreteiii

As always, you can find us at The Nerd Lys on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and wordpress. Subscribe to us on iTunes!


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