Episode 6 – The Art and The Artious ft. Jared Yamahata

On Episode 6… We have our friend Jared Yamahata come on to talk about art, his love for pop culture, street fighter, fast and the furious and robin williams. Chris and Jared have a little bro-out over some “classic” movies and we talk our favorite scars.

You can find Jared at Jared_Yamahata on both Instagram and Twitter. His artwork can be found on jaredyamahataartwork.com and society6.com/jaredyamahata. This is the sketch Jared did for Chris at DesignerCon 2014

You can check out Jared’s work in person at… Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, CA on March 7th for the “Everything is Awesome” Show, “Cannibal Flower” at Astroetic Studios in Los Angeles, CA on March 14th,and at “Tesselation” at Thumbprint Gallery in San Diego, CA also on March 14th.

If you wanted to find “Blanka is a Troll”  here is the first episode

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