Episode 11 – Practical FX, Animation and Post-Apocalypse ft. Aubriana Zurilgen and James Lavrakas

Episode 11…

We sit down with our friends James Lavrakas (he may or may not have worked on Oscar-winning animated movies) and Aubriana Zurilgen (aka The Mad Masker). We discuss practical effects, the technology of animated films and CGI, obsessions with reptiles/dinosaurs and all things post-apocalyptic.

Look below for the trailers for the current movies we discussed.

Here’s the photo Aubri is talking about of Chris Pratt

If you want to check out “Wasteland Weekend”, you can find more info on that event here.

Here are some examples of work from “The Mad Masker.

You can find Aubriana at facebook.com/themadmasker. Keep track of her amazing work and please look out for her at any conventions.

Please contact us at contact@thenerdlys.com if you have any questions or feedback for us.

The Nerd Lys is a podcast from the brains and voices of Chris and Rachel Ly. We just want to talk about nerdy stuff with creative people.

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