Episode 23 – Mad Men, Mad Max and Mad Cats

First off do not listen if you haven’t watched Mad Men or Mad Max. This is major spoiler city ahead. Proceed with caution.

On this episode, we discuss the series finale of the show Mad Men, our favorite moments from the finale and the series in general. Chris gushes about Mad Max: Fury Road, and we talk a little bit about our friend’s new cat Levondrius.

Thank you to Matthew Weiner, the cast and crew of Mad Men for an amazing show. We will miss you guys on the air.


Here is the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Chris highly recommends you go watch this movie if you love action and practical effects. It is everything you would want.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful kitten Levondrius

We would also like to give a shoutout to our friend Flat Bonnie. She makes amazingly cute plushes and part of every purchase you make from her is donated to an Animal Rescue foundation. She does commissions from time to time and will make a plush to match your favorite furry pet. She is amazing! please check her out.

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