Episode 27 – Theme Park Lovers Unite! ft. Ryan and Mac Beauvais

In episode 27, we sit down with our friends Ryan and Mac Beauvais. They are Disney aficionados with their own podcast (Disney Distilled). We chat about all the theme parks in Southern California and the things we love about certain ones.

Disney Distilled

We mention a drink called “Beverly” in DisneyWorld. Here’s a video of Ryan taking a shot of it.

Chris mentions Nightmare’s Fear Factory and you can find their flickr account here https://www.flickr.com/photos/nightmaresfearfactory/

You can find Mac and Ryan’s podcast at http://www.disneydistilled.net and follow them on facebook, twitter and instagram.

You can find Mac at “strangelikethat” on facebook, twitter and instagram to follow her cosplay adventures, and you can find Ryan at “flanneljedi” on twitter and instagram.

The Nerd Lys is a podcast from the brains and voices of Chris and Rachel Ly. We just want to talk about nerdy stuff with creative people.

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  1. June 20, 2015

    Hey Chris. This is Bill Dawson. I sold you the Kevin Smith bits at Randy’s. Hope you’re well. I’m getting ready to sell some pieces from my collection but I need a reliable resource for setting prices. Any suggestions? Can you send me a note to billdawson@xk9.com. Cheers.

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