Episode 29 – We Are Clueless

In Episode 29, we discuss our experience at a midnight screening of clueless. We also discuss some news from throughout the week and do a mini review of Star Wars Rebels and Halt and Catch Fire.

Rachel absolutely adores the movie Clueless. She was basically quoting the entire movie before we sat down. Here’s a few photos from the movie to refresh your memory.

We love Homestar Runner, so we were very happy to hear that they are now working with Disney X D. Please check out their new shorts called “Two More Eggs”

If you are going to San Diego Comic-Con please keep an eye out on our twitter and instagram for updates from us during the convention. You can also come find us and grab stickers and say hello. We will have our classic sticker and a brand new one that just came in (pictured below). We hope to bring you some live updates from the convention floor and some great pictures from the event.

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