Episode 31 – San Diego Comic Con Recap!

hanging out at SDCC

We discuss San Diego Comic Con International 2015! We have our reactions to the Batman V Superman Trailer, Suicide Squad, talk Muppets, Cosplay and other items of note during the convention.

Check out the Batman V Superman Trailer below.

Check out the Suicide Squad trailer below.


We are so excited the Muppets are coming back to ABC this fall (September).

We have four full albums of Cosplay (and panel) coverage from SDCC available on our Facebook page and on flickr. Feel free to send us cosplayers names that you recognize so that we can properly tag them on Facebook. Links below to Flickr albums.

SDCC 2015 Thursday

SDCC 2015 Friday

SDCC 2015 Saturday

SDCC 2015 Sunday

So happy to see everyone at SDCC and hope to do it again next year.

Please let us know if you’d like some free stickers, we still have plenty on hand!

If you have any questions or feedback for our podcast or this episode in particular, please contact us at thenerdlys@gmail.com

The Nerd Lys is a podcast from the brains and voices of Chris and Rachel Ly. We just want to talk about nerdy stuff with creative people.

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