Episode 35 – Continuity Error

In Episode 35, we recount our week of Home DIY projects, some Brooklyn Nine-Nine news, Late Night Talk shows, and a little bit about continuity errors.

We’re going to miss Jon Stewart and his iteration of the Daily Show.  Here’s an awesome heartfelt thank you from Stephen Colbert to Jon on his last show. http://on.cc.com/1IvynTg

We talked a bit about Jimmy Fallon and the epic lip sync battles he had with some of his guests. For some reason the Tonight Show has deleted the video of Krasinski’s battle but here’s a beautiful one of Paul Rudd.

If you wanted to hear Halle Berry read her “Toad” line from X-Men (throw-up face), here it is.

And also, to those who suffer from anxiety or depression, please take a look at the hashtag #WorstPartOfDepressionIs on twitter and check out what others are going through. It may help you feel less alone to know that others are going through things like this just like you. Know that people love and support you, we at the Nerd Lys certainly do. This link was reposted by George Takei on Tuesday 8/11. Check it out and we hope it helps you.


RIP to Robin Williams. It’s been a year since he left this earthly plane and we still miss him.

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