Episode 57 – f+ (Josh Pearce)

Josh Profile

In this episode, we sit down with Josh Pearce (also known as f+) and chat about his work customizing and creating his original toys.  We also got to delve into Josh’s day job as a freelance designer for stop motion animations and the video game Rez Plz which he is developing with his brother.

Josh’s work as a vinyl toy customizer and original toy maker is well known in the designer toy collecting community.  Take a look at some of his crazy/amazing figures below.

We talk a bit about the game “Rez Plz” that Josh and his brother are developing for multiple platforms.  The game design is going to be very 16-bit, tapping into the SNES and Sega Genesis aesthetic.  You can follow their development of the game on Tumblr and keep an eye out for a kickstarter for this game.

If you would like to see some of f+’s work in person, he is participating in “Reverie”, a show at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon on February 25th. The art show will feature Josh Pearce, Yosiell Lorenzo, and Zoe Williams.

You can follow Josh on instagram @fplusftw, find his website at http://fplusnever.com, and track the development of “Rez Plz” on rezplzgame.tumblr.com

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