Episode 67 – Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Hey Everyone!

We are back with this edition of The Nerd Lys, reviewing Captain America: Civil War. Keep in mind we will go into MAJOR DETAIL of this movie so if you have not watched the movie, please proceed with caution. SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.

We briefly spoke about the Tron ride at Shanghai Disneyland.  Please check it out in the video below.

We also touched on the new Power Rangers suits… which can be seen and judged below.

New Power Rangers suits courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

We spoke about the movie at length in the beginning of the show, but we are also joined by Alex Popkin (51:30), Shane Norton (01:13:33) and perennial guest Bryan Burgan (01:33:20), who share their thoughts on the events of Captain America: Civil War.

Alex Popkin is one half of a podcast called “Clearing the Queue“. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and on their website ctqpodcast.wordpress.com. They run a great show that delves into people’s Netflix Queue’s to discover a little more about how that person views movies and aid them in clearing out a movie that has been sitting in the queue far too long.

Shane Norton has been a great friend to the podcast and can be found on instagram @norton7613

Bryan Burgan, who has been with us reviewing movies since Episode 3, can be found on instagram and twitter @shineitdeep

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