Episode 106 – Post Con Wrap Up

In this episode, we recap our experience at San Diego Comic Con this year, and give our reviews of Valerian and Atomic Blonde!

We had such an amazing time at San Diego Comic Con.  We even got to meet J. Scott Campbell (who graciously signed Rachel’s spider leg) and his fiancee Tanya Lehoux!

A big congrats goes out to our friend Rose who won the Her Universe Fashion Show!  She made an amazing Sorceress Supreme outfit to wear on the runway, and now she along with Arkadia and Grace Duval get the chance to design a line of Disney apparel and accessories for Her Universe and Hot Topic. Here’s a look at their designs.

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My original #heruniversefashionshow sketch followed by the finished product. When I saw #doctorstrange in theaters I instantly fell in love with the costume design, his specifically (THAT CLOAK THO). It had been brewing in the back of my mind and as soon as submissions opened for the show I got to work. I love to watercolor my fashion sketches and that inspired me to hand dye all of my main fabrics. Everything you see (minus the lining which was custom printed) came to me white/neutral colored and went through 2-4 rounds of dyeing. The toughest was definitely ombré dyeing the pants and shirt in boiling dye over a hot stove with no ac 😓 but dyeing it myself gave me complete control over the color palette and I couldn't be happier. Many thanks to @jcamarack and @umakersmakerspace for help laser cutting the bracelets, and to @snark_shark for last minute sewing and helping me backstage by keeping me calm and focused ❤️💙 I am so honored that the judges chose me as a winner and I can't wait to work with @arkadia, @graceduval, @heruniverse and @hottopic 🤘🏻✨📸: @billrw3

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I wanted to share this side by side of my first design sketch and the one I ended up submitting. The sketch on the left was one I labored over for days and after all was said and done, I felt like it was too stiff and didn't convey the garment I wanted to make. I have a background in art, but I've struggled with digital rendering. So despite spending all that time on the first sketch, I started over and made the sketch on the right. Funnily enough, that one took a quarter of the time. I tried to stay loose and used only a few brushes. I also looked at other fashion sketches to see what works and how to better render clothes. So don't be afraid to start over if something isn't working for you. And trust me, I did that a lot on this garment! Both these sketches were created in @procreate on the iPad and with an Apple Pencil. If you have any questions or want to see my process, let me know!

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Rachel got this amazing piece made by MMCustomArt for the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade later this month. Check it out!

We’ve been playing a ton of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.  The game was created by the team over at Game Grumps and is totally amazing.  Keep an eye out on our Twitch channel to catch more live streams of us playing this game and also check out this playlist on our YouTube page to catch the replays.

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