Episode 111 – An Intro to BladeRunning

Blade Runner Robocop Coincidences

In this episode, we talk about the sad events of this past week and get some things off our chest, we visit Blade Runner for the first time in preparation of the new movie, and we discuss some amazing video games we’ve gotten to play or finish this week like Red Dead Redemption, Cuphead and the SNES Classic.

Check out the trailer for Blade Runner 2049 below!

Here is the still for Ryan Gosling getting punched (for real) by Harrison Ford. Enjoy the looks on their faces!

Gosling punch

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Chris, after all these years, finally finished Red Dead Redemption in preparation of RDR2 coming out in spring of 2018.  You can see the new trailer for that below.


Chris has been absolutely obsessed with Cuphead, which is an amazingly frustrating side-scrolling game.  Check out some of the gameplay below.

Rachel also loves this game called Bendy and the Ink Machine.  Check out GT Live‘s playthrough of Chapter 2 below!


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