Episode 181 – The Evolution of Jimmy Woo

In this episode, we chat Marvel news, games like Observation and Bioshock. And of course, we chat about WandaVision episodes 3-5! Beware that there are SPOILERS in this episode!

The Super Bowl always has some incredible commercials. This year is no different so, please enjoy our favorite commercial, so far, starring Michael B. Jordan.

We had an amazing time playing Observation from No Code Studios on our Twitch channel.  No Code also created the incredible game, Stories Untold. Check out the trailer for Observation below, and see if the game could be right for you!

WandaVision, for us personally, started out as a bit of a slow burn but the last three episodes have really amped up the stakes and given us a ton to think about. We are thoroughly enjoying the easter egg hunting after the episodes and conversations with our friends. Enjoy this trailer below and also a video from Nerdist explaining some things in Episode 5!

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