WonderCon 2022 (Anaheim) Cosplay

WonderCon was back for 2022! It was always our favorite convention pre-pandemic and we were so excited for it to come back. Chris finally got to wear his Asian heritage-inspired Loki Variant to a con, while Rachel got to bring back an old favorite, a new vision, and do another amazing body paint Poison Ivy with our wonderful friend and makeup artist Chrissy Lyn. Take a look at the cosplay that we saw from WonderCon 2022!

If you can identify any of the cosplayers that we didn’t, please send a message on our social media or to contact@thenerdlys.com to reach us for full credit.

We also have download links for all photos in high-res available should any of the cosplayers want them for future saving, just let us know! When reposting, we just ask that you please try not to crop out our watermark, and credit The Nerd Lys and/or OddLy Captured on the post.

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