Episode 28 – Outside Inside Leftside Rightside

In Episode 28, we explore our emotions and react to Pixar’s latest outing “Inside Out”.  Spoiler alert, since we do bring up plot points and different items from the movie but please please check it out.

We also tackle a bit of E3 news, 21st Century Tank Girl and James Horner in this episode.

Here are some related articles to the creation of “Inside Out”


Here is the cover of 21st Century Tank Girl

21st Century Tank Girl

Here are some of the games we are most excited about coming from E3

Here is a gameplay demonstration for Cyan Studios’ “Obduction”

Rest in Peace to Mr. James Horner. He composed so many great themes for our generation and will live on in our hearts. Please take a moment to enjoy some of his best work below.

We will be attending San Diego Comic-Con from July 9-12th and will be bringing some new stickers with us.  Please keep track of us on social media, come say hello and grab a free sticker or two.  Thanks for the support everyone!

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